Equal Rights for Divorced Fathers (ERDF) was established as a Fathers Rights Advocacy Organization in October of 1982, by a long time Las Vegas resident and activist, seeking equality for Fathers in the Courts and in the state legislature in regards to their right to have a continuing relationship with their children once the relationship with the children's mother may have ended.

For thirty-three (33) years this Grassroots Movement and Organization assisted Fathers with accessing the courts and offering them education, direction, and assistance with navigating the complex Family  Court system.

Over 85,000 Fathers were assisted by ERDF through education, direction, document preparation, and free attorney referrals regardless of anyone's financial status. No Father was ever turned away due to money issues.

During that same period of time ERDF was responsible and involved in the creation of services to assist Fathers. These services included but were not limited to the following:

  1. Weekly educational and support meetings, for Fathers to share ideas and discuss issues with the Family Court System.
  2. More than one free attorney consultation for all Fathers who wanted or needed one.
  3. Established the first Supervised Visitation Program for parents (Historically Fathers) that found themselves ordered for such services to ensure that they maintained a relationship with their children even though the allegations against them were often false. While the courts tried to sort out the allegations against these fathers, ERDF facilitated fathers seeing their children. Without this program, fathers would not have seen their children - sometimes for months as there were no other services facilitating visitation prior to its creation by ERDF
  4. The first Self Help Forms which assisted Fathers with the preparation of documents and filings of documents if they were unable to afford to have an attorney prepare documents for them.
  5. Created what is commonly known as "Unbundled representation," where a Father could prepare his own paperwork and then hire the Attorney just for the hearing. This meant that a father could spend only a few hundred (as opposed to 1000's that they could not afford,) and still, have representation.

From 1982 until 2015 was involved in the State Legislature, testifying on several occasions before the Senate and Assembly regarding laws that disfavored Fathers. With significant input in favor of children having a significant and lasting relationship with their fathers. ERDF became very involved in the removing of inferior judges and the election or re-election of superior judges. and was well known for the same.

All of these activities came to an abrupt halt when, after 33 years of service and dedication to Fathers Rights and his many accomplishments the Founder and Director of ERDF, by then in his late 60s thought of retirement. He was approached by ATTORNEY KURT HARRIS who said he would be interested in carrying on the good work of ERDF after the Director retired.

 Sadly, attorney KURT HARRIS made representations that never happened and ended up being complete falsehoods as far as helping low income and no income Fathers.  

Many fathers who sought assistance through ERDF shortly after the director retired commented that things went downhill quickly. No more weekly meetings; no more free consultations; no more low-fee or no-fee assistance; no more attorneys who cared about helping fathers; and no more advocating on behalf of fathers on a local or statewide level. Instead, Fathers found fees for services doubled and tripled almost overnight.


The once "Not for Profit" organization called ERDF suddenly had been turned into a very expensive and all about the money typing service luring Fathers in by using the longtime good reputation of the past and the good name of the ERDF and its past accomplishments.

Today, ERDF is nothing more than an expensive typing service that is designed to remove you from your money, the Office Manager is the Step Son of attorney KURT HARRIS an is definitely not a Father's Rights Advocate. Fathers who have been to ERDF in the past few years comment the office manager is only there to make money off of fathers. If you have no money, you get no assistance -period! These same fathers have learned that the Office Manager / Step Son of KURT HARRIS receives a very large portion of the typing fees that fathers pay. Notably, ERDF now prefers to be paid in cash!

There are rumors that the paralegals that charge fathers fees are not authorized by the State and they are not on a payroll with the owner attorney. This means that there must be a lot of undeclared cash and unreported income. Sadly none of the funds go towards any Advocacy programs for Fathers. Instead, it appears that this new ERDF is taking money from Desperate Fathers that are led to believe that they are retaining the services of a real Advocacy Group when, in fact, they are really just using an expensive attorney office trying to masquerade as something it isn't.

Yet, despite now being a law office, fathers have reported that they have not seen an Attorney when they go to ERDF. Instead, they meet with a couple of worn out, broken down middle-aged men George Boyer(Ex-Felon) and Scott Caterer( Chain smoking Toothless Alcoholic). Some in the family law area would say they are practicing Law without a license as they do the intakes interviews and document preparation without the direct hands-on supervision and sign off the review of documents from an attorney. They are assisted with this practice by ATTORNEY KURT HARRIS that alleges that all is attorney supervised. Despite his representations, you never see an attorney until much later - like right before a hearing. When you finally see the attorney, Its KURT HARRIS... because it's his office. It appears that KURT HARRIS makes money off the paralegals who do the intakes, interview the fathers and prepare documents for filing with the courts, and then handpicks cases he thinks he can extract money from.

After someone pays the expensive fees at the office in an old decaying run-down strip mall with Hispanic churches and businesses on the low-income area of Las Vegas the hand-picked cases (easy ones) are referred to ATTORNEY KURT HARRIS'  fancy office on the far west side of town On Fort Apache. The fathers have to drive to the west side of the city to drop off money to KURT HARRIS and are apparently unaware that KURT HARRIS is the owner of the business that referred to him, Again, the office manager is KURT HARRIS' stepson CAM HARRIS, so they make money off Dads at every turn.

Many have found ATTORNEY KURT HARRIS and his stepson CAM HARRIS to be less than trustworthy, honest or sincere in dealings with them and the attitude they project.

There can be no doubt that KURT HARRIS and CAM HARRIS would gladly separate Desperate Fathers from there money. These people are fakes and phonies in the opinion of some --- you can be the judge.

If you foolishly decide to use this place do so "At Your Own Risk".  Just be aware and buyer beware of what it really is, an expensive typing service and referral service designed to prey on and extract money from Desperate Fathers, under the guise of helping them.

In most fathers opinion, It is all about the money for the new ERDF and not helping Fathers. The name is just a Marketing Tool to attract unsuspecting Fathers into the office... At least go in with your eyes open and do not be fooled.

There are so many other resources that would better serve someone, from the Self Help Center, to Ask A Lawyer Program which is free at the courthouse. Also, there are other groups and organizations that in the opinion of many could do a better job either free or low cost.

Check around. If you need the forms filled out there are many other typing services available for free or low cost in the community. Also, free classes given by Nevada Legal Services weekly. Do Not be a "Sucker" check around to educate yourself. Do not waste your time, save your money for real help.